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Code3Spots represents the future of online emergency medicine job listings. As we continue to build traffic from multiple online sources you can reap the benefits. Our best month so far - January 2013 with over 14,000 visits and we continue to grow. Expanding organic search results with Google, Bing, and Yahoo. Integrating Social media networks - Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest & LinkedIn. C3S Job listings offer expanded visibility on multiple platforms.

We offer descriptive and visually appealing job listings for emergency medicine positions. Now each listing (Basic, Socialite & Maximus) includes a logo image as well as scenic banner. Check out the look of our New Code3Spots Listings. It is also our goal to have accurate and detailed listing information to better serve emergency physicians, mid-level providers, and urgent care positions.  The more detailed a job listing the more meaningful a response. Please read our ER Jobs Posting Guidelines before listing. 

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Basic listings starting at $20/month. If you are interested in large quantity listings then we offer a discounted rate at bulk listings.  We now also offer a Maximus listing for only $75/month which, includes increased visibility by appearing at top of listings with enhanced background.

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