Posting ER Jobs Guidelines

1. Please place the address of the ER Job location NOT the recruitment firm company address. If you do not want to disclose the location then please at least put the correct state and nearby city. For the street address please just write in the blank "not disclosed" or "upon request". There are 2 important reasons for this: one is that when you search by state on the website it will not accurately place the job. For instance, if you put the location of recruitment firm or company in Texas but the job is in Kentucky then it will come up under Texas. The other important reason is to make sure the emergency medicine job listing has an accurate location. Many physicians will be disappointed or "turned off" when they spend the time inquiring about a job only to find out the location is different then advertised.

2. Make sure that you fill out as many variables as possible to accurately describe the job in our system. Our advanced search is unique and helpful to EM physicians looking for specific job details. They will not be able to accomplish this if the details have not been included in the ER job listing.

3. Please make sure that you include a pay rate or salary in the job description.  We all know this can be negotiable but, not having anything there can be a big turn off and some emergency medicine physicians will not look any further if this information is missing.  Money talks!

4. We require job listings be updated or deleted every 3-6 months. Also, to keep the most up to date and accurate job listings we strongly encourage everyone to delete listings immediately upon filling the ER spot.

5. We will continue to improve and appreciate your input. If you have any feedback or questions please contact us.

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